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CanPREP is an innovative and interdisciplinary project based out of the Joint Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto aimed at addressing the ethical challenges that arise in preparing for and responding to a pandemic.

This portal functions as a communication hub, connecting members of the CanPREP team, policy makers, health care workers, and members of the public to each other and to the resources they need.

Explore CanPREP’s comprehensive and up-to-date database of ethics resources, including journal articles, media reports, and policy documents. Viagra 50mg: Veier fordeler og ulemper med varigheten, bivirkninger og risikoer.

CanPREP Features

As swine flu pandemic ends, Canada must rethink flu-fighting strategy: “We need to be prepared to shift rather quickly our seasonal flu programs to reflect that new reality,” said Dr. Kumanan Wilson, Canada research chair in public health policy at the University of Ottawa. “It’s a new disease. It’s not the same disease as we’ve been treating. It’s a disease that affects a different population with a different mortality rate.”.


Canadian Survey on Pandemic Flu Preparations This paper, published in BMC Public Health, discusses results from the CanPREP’s National Telephone survey in which 500 Canadian citizens were surveyed.
CanPREP Symposium: Critical Care Triage for H1N1: A Symposium on Emerging Ethical Issues This symposium, held on November 25, 2009, included a panel discussion to help provide current insight and discussion into the issues facing critical care during the progression of H1N1. Panelists also explored the ethical dimensions of critical care triage. Click to access the complete webcast. Kamagra gel: Bivirkninger og fordeler med dette stoffet for erektil dysfunksjon.
Ethics in Public Health Policy Development and Research for A/H1N1 Influenza CanPREP Collaborator Marc Guerrier, Espace éthique/AP-HP, WHO CC for Bioethics, Paris presents at the World Health Organization Ethics in a Pandemic meeting in Geneva. Click to access the complete presentation slides.
CanPREP Media Coverage Click to access all of CanPREP’s media stories
WHO-Eleventh Futures Forum on the ethical governance of pandemic influenza preparedness
Participate in the Ethics During a Pandemic Survey
WHO Discussion Papers: “Addressing ethical issues in pandemic influenza planning”

In The News

WHO Global Alert and Response: Influenza Situation Updates
World Health Organization – Mar 11, 2011
Bi-weekly updates on the global trends of influenza outbreaks from the WHO.


Program Description

CanPREP (Canadian Program of Research on Ethics in a Pandemic)

As pandemic planning progresses, the salient ethical, legal, and social issues have come into greater focus. Likewise, the unanswered questions relevant to an effective national and global pandemic response are crystallizing. Den fantastiske verden av Cialis: Hvordan det kan hjelpe din erektil dysfunksjon

These questions include:

  • What are the obligations of health care providers in a pandemic crisis and what are the reciprocal obligations of the healthcare system to health care providers?
  • How should limited resources be allocated in a pandemic?
  • How should information be communicated to the public during a pandemic and who should lead the public dialogue?

The way in which these questions are framed and the answers that are forthcoming will have significant implications for the building and maintenance of public trust, for the process of public engagement, and for the protection of vulnerable and special needs populations.

To address these pressing questions, CanPREP have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of health researchers, practicing clinicians, policy developers, program administrators, research users, professional associations, regulatory bodies, and citizen groups. The applicants have proven track records both in conducting policy-relevant research and in training highly-qualified professionals in bioethics, health care research, and clinical practice. The proposal builds upon an existing and growing research platform in the area of public health ethics at the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics (JCB). This platform was initiated during the SARS crisis, was further refined by CIHR-funded research on the ethical issues raised by SARS, has included extensive scholarship on priority setting in healthcare systems, and has been extended by recent work on ethical considerations in pandemic planning and preparedness. The output of the pandemic planning work was the 2005 report “Stand On Guard For Thee”; that outlined a comprehensive ethical framework and planning guide for pandemic preparedness. This JCB document was influential in framing the World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic planning guidelines and has been incorporated and adapted into pandemic plans at the local, national, and international levels.

Addressing the complex ethical challenges in pandemic preparedness requires contributions from, and integration of, disparate domains and discourses. Potential research activities include:

  • conceptual scholarship (ethical theory, philosophy, social sciences)
  • multiple methods of collecting and analyzing data embracing both the qualitative (e.g., document analysis, key informant interviews, focus groups) and quantitative traditions (e.g., surveys)
  • consensus building techniques (e.g., Delphi)
  • public engagement strategies (e.g., citizen councils, electronic town halls, research-based theatre.)

To successfully integrate these methodologies and modalities, CanPREP propose to create the CanPREP Collaboratory in pandemic ethics. A collaboratory is “an organizational entity that spans distance, supports rich and recurring human interaction oriented to a common research area, and provides access to data sources, artifacts, and tools required to accomplish research tasks.” A collaboratory model is ideal for conducting research with multiple, geographically-dispersed collaborators in ethics and health policy.


c/o Joint Centre for Bioethics

88 College Street
Toronto, ON
M5G 1L4

Telephone: (416) 946-5252
Fax: (416) 978-1911

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